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Working with you to create your ideal aquarium

We work with you to capture your initial vision, and whether that’s just a high level concept or a very specific design, we can help to ensure you get the best aquarium installation for you.

Depending on your needs our initial consultation can be at our showroom or on site. Our showroom provides display aquariums and a range of livestock to help you explore ideas, confirm your ideas or just help complete them. We are there to ensure you have all the choices, including the types of habitat, themes and environment set ups on offer. Whilst the biggest choice is marine or freshwater, there are many other ways to tailor your unique set up including soft plants vs hard rocky scape, minimal fung shui style environments and many more.

Providing the complete package

A consultation is normally followed up with a set of drawings including the aquarium itself as well as the filtration and aquarium access drawings. A key part of any design is that the set up supports ongoing maintenance of that aquarium as effectively as possible.

Our aquariums can be built to any size and in different shapes, and we offer many different finishes including matt, gloss and bespoke.

Where applicable we partner with your architects and builders to ensure you have a high quality finish, and provide plans for electrics and plumbing. We offer both build on and off site services.